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Conrod Reconditioning Australia

The connecting rod–commonly known as a conrod–plays a critical role in internal combustion engines for your Australian vehicle. Ensuring that the conrod in your vehicle is functioning is important for the longevity of your engine.


In cases where the conrod is damaged, we offer a replacement service using high-quality parts. If the damage is minor, our team uses advanced techniques to recondition and restore it to its former state. At Crankshaft Rebuilders, we specialise in providing effective conrod reconditioning to restore your engine's functionality.

Dynomite Performance Engine Internals
Australian made Barra engine parts.

Comprehensive Conrod Reconditioning Services in Australia

Crankshaft Rebuilders offers comprehensive conrod reconditioning services. Our team of experts begins by inspecting your conrod for damage and wear. We primarily focus on any bends, twists, or fractures that could inhibit your engine's performance.


Finally, we conduct a final assessment to ensure that the conrod aligns perfectly and is ready to deliver performance. With us, every stage of the reconditioning process is performed carefully to extend your engine's lifespan.

Customised Conrod Services

At Crankshaft Rebuilders, we provide customised conrod services to support your engine's specific needs. We consider the model and make of your vehicle to ensure our service is a perfect match.


We maintain a database of conrod specifications for a broad range of engines. This means our reconditioning process aligns perfectly with your vehicle’s requirements.


Our experienced professionals leverage the skills and knowledge in the automotive industry to provide a service that improves the performance and longevity of your engine. Machined Barra Block. 650KW
Diamond pistons. Dynomiteperformance.

Conrod Repair, Replacement, and Refurbishing Services

If your vehicle in Australia has a damaged, cracked, or bent conrod, our Crankshaft Rebuilders team can help. From repairing minor defects to a full-scale refurbishment, we can restore your engine.


Our replacement services are an ideal upgrade if your conrod is old and worn out. We offer various quality conrod replacements for your vehicle's engine specifications.


Likewise, our refurbishing service focuses on preserving your vehicle's original parts. Our team uses advanced equipment to effectively clean, grind, and replace minor parts to make your aged conrod function as if it were brand new.

High-Quality Conrod Reconditioning For Your Vehicle in Australia

Your vehicle deserves the best. With the team at Crankshaft Rebuilders, we offer high-quality conrod reconditioning, designed to restore and enhance your engine's performance.


We've sourced advanced equipment and machinery to provide various engine and model solutions. Our team uses these tools to deliver services you can feel confident with. Barra Reconditioned head.

Why Choose Crankshaft Rebuilding and Machining?

Choosing Crankshaft Rebuilders to assist with conrod reconditioning is choosing a combination of expertise, comprehensive services, and a profound dedication to client satisfaction.


  • Experience: We also leverage decades of experience in the automotive industry. 

  • Versatility: We're equipped to work on different makes and models, regardless of the unique specifications. 

  • Excellence: We utilise advanced technology and equipment to provide services that meet the highest quality and performance standards.


Choose Crankshaft Rebuilders for reliable conrod reconditioning services.

  • What is crankshaft rebuilding, and why do I need it?
    Crankshaft rebuilding involves restoring your vehicle's crankshaft to its previous condition. If your vehicle struggles with fuel efficiency, low oil pressure, or engine misfires, crankshaft rebuilding helps with its functioning. Crankshaft Rebuilders provides professional crankshaft rebuilding services to ensure your vehicle operates smoothly.
  • Where can I get reliable crankshaft grinding services?
    For high-quality crankshaft grinding services in Australia, you can rely on Crankshaft Rebuilders for your Queensland vehicle. Our experienced technicians support precision grinding for a smooth finish, reducing friction and boosting your engine's power. After all, we care about your vehicle.
  • What differentiates crankshaft repairs from crankshaft modifications?
    While crankshaft repairs are about fixing any damage, crankshaft modifications enhance the performance. Crankshaft Rebuilders handles crankshaft repairs and changes in Australia, ensuring your vehicle stays durable.
  • Does Crankshaft Rebuilders provide car, motorcycle, and marine crankshaft repair services in Australia?
    Yes, we offer comprehensive services that support all vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, and marine vehicles. Our team handles all crankshaft repairs, ensuring your vehicle remains in peak performance for the road.
  • Can I get large crankshaft repair services for trucks and trains?
    Trust Crankshaft Rebuilders for handling large crankshaft repairs for vehicles like trucks and trains. With our team, you can expect precise, reliable, and efficient repairs that keep your vehicles running.
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